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SG Aviation Storm 300S 2018. január 8.
Kattints nagyobb képért. In sold by closing association, wonderful Storm 300S equipped with Rolls Royce Continetal O200 100hp aeronautical engine and engine instruments CHT, EGT ,electric Pump, electric Flaps,Electric propeller Variable pitch in fly, also fulled equipped with complete avionics, Radio, Transponder S mode, Auto Pilot ,GPS, Differential Brakes, duble trim, shiny renovated dome.
Documented recent full checks by authorized workshop.
Negotiable price.
350h frame; 350h engine
Mtow 600 Kg
Empty W 350 kg
All in Aluminium legue
stall speed 40 mph
Maximum Speed 125 mph
Cruise speed 115 mph 75%Pw
21lt/h Best economy cruise

Price 32500 NEGOTIABLE!
Telefon: 3935692648
E-mail címed

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